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About Wrap 'N Roll


*Winner of Montco's Happening List Best Food Truck for 2022*

After years of working for corporate America, we decided that it was time to find our real purpose in life that made the day to day feel like more than just a "job." We recognized pretty quickly that putting our minds together, we could find something that satisfied our want to not only serve our community, but also feed our souls. With a leap of faith, and long conversations with a close friend who already launched his own food truck years before, it became clear that a mobile kitchen would be the ticket to accomplishing our goals. 

As parents, our driving goal was to create something that our children would not only be proud of, but something they could also enjoy.  Our menu started because of our kids and their preferences. Smashburgers- our kids' love of Happy Meal burgers, without giving them actual Happy Meals. Cheesesteak egg rolls? Something we made for game day every week. Roll Ups? The fact that our son loved cheese rolled into a flour tortilla. Wrap 'N Roll? The name comes directly from the fact that Dan rolls everything up into a tortilla and throws it on the panini press after a long day.

We knew that we wanted a business that not only allowed us to include and support our family, but also allowed us to give back. If there was something that we knew was going to be a part of any business we started, community was it. We were intent on creating a business model that not only helped feed our customers and family, but one that helped people in need. 

In January of 2021, we officially launched our food truck, which specializes in gourmet egg rolls, American style burritos, and more. In addition to satisfying our customers, our truck will operate with the goal of helping those who are facing food insecurity. There’s no reason anyone should go hungry. There’s so much food in this world, and yet, people in our own backyards don’t have enough to eat. We plan on making a measurable impact in our community by collecting and  non-perishable food items from our customers at all events, as well as fresh food from our own kitchen to donate to Manna on Main Street*. By consistently promoting non-perishable food donations at each of our events, the hope is that Roll ‘M Up becomes synonymous with helping to combat hunger in the North Penn region.

Wrap 'N Roll is a rolling business, setting up shop at various spots throughout Montgomery and Bucks Counties. Our mobile kitchen partners with local businesses and breweries where we can park the truck and offer the specialized menu to a wide variety people with the hope of creating raving fans throughout the region. We also are happy to cater private and corporate events. Feeding teachers at local schools is a passion of ours. Visit our Where's the Truck Page to find out where we're going and click on BOOK to book us for your event!

**Manna on Main Street is a non-profit committed to ending hunger in the North Penn region by providing food, fulfilling social service and education needs, and conducting community outreach to community members in need.